What will the install cost me?

As long as the site is prepared, cleared of debris, trees etc and is level with sufficient room to build the shed then the standard installation charges listed on this site apply. You will also need a floor if there is not a suitable floor on site.

How long will the assembly take?

The assembly time differs depending on the size of your shed. Usually, your shed will be assembled in one day.

Do you need access to power onsite?

Not usually. Most of my equipment is battery operated. But if your shed is from the Duratuf Range then we will require power.

Do I have to be home?

I’m able to assemble your shed without you being home. Obviously, if you have pets they would need to be contained. It is also a good idea to mark the ground with a couple of broom handles, or some spray paint so I know where you want the shed to go. If I require power to complete your shed, then a extension cord out a window (with the power turned on) will be required.

What happens if the weather is bad on assembly day?

It can be dangerous to handle sheet metal in high winds, and my power tools are not too keen on rain. If the weather is bad I may have to postpone the assembly. I will discuss this with you if this happens.

Will you take the packaging away?

We will remove packaging if you use our delivery service.

Can you pick the shed up for me?

Yes, I can. A delivery fee will apply. Please note there may be a travel charge for more remote areas, or a higher delivery fee for the larger sheds.

Why does my site have to be clear and level?

I want your shed to be perfect! So, I need shrubs, tree roots and other material to be removed so I can get your shed assembled as quickly as possible. Also if the ground or floor is not level it becomes difficult or impossible to fit the roof correctly and often doors will not open/close properly due to the walls being twisted out of shape by the floor.

My site is unlevel – what do I do?

Any building is only as good as the foundations it sits on. A shed built on un-level ground will never look as good as one on a prepared site. Concrete pads MUST be level AND square for the shed to fit. Timber floors are slightly more flexible in that posts can be added in extreme case to level the floor. There are a number of options. If the site is slightly un-level I may be able to pack under the floor to level it up. Otherwise, piling may be required.

The area I have is very small – does this matter?

Yes, sometimes if the build area is too tight I am unable to move around to get the roof or walls on. I need at least ½ metre (500mm or 50cm) around the shed to be able to assemble it.

Why do I need a floor?

Having your shed secured with a floor will ensure that the shed is anchored down and also keeps the shed sitting square which is important for the stability of the walls and roof. A floor is important for:

  • All sheds need a floor of some description, to provide strength and rigidity to them, and a means of anchoring them to stop them becoming a kite in the first big wind.
  • Check with the retailer as to what the manufacturer recommends, some have their own floor kits, others recommend a concrete slab, some flat, other with a rebate around the edge or a tapered area to promote water drainage.
  • DO NOT be tempted to try and use a pallet, or scrimp and buy a few posts and palings, the floor is a critical part of your shed and is worthy of being built right.
  • The area most sheds leak is around the base so it is critical to have a base that suits your shed.
  • I can supply floors to suit all sheds of a design to minimise water ingress into your shed.

Do I need a concrete pad?

No, you don’t. However, I do recommend that you have a solid base for your shed – usually this will be a manufacturer’s floor kitset, a Heavy Duty wooden Floor, or a concrete base.

Can I put my own floor down?

Yes you can. But, there may be an extra charge from us if your floor needs re-modelling to fit the shed correctly. In this case, I guarantee the shed assembly but not the floor assembly.

Do you lay concrete floors for sheds?

I can, but it is important that you check with me first. A site visit is required.

What floor options do you offer?

There are a number of options. You can buy a floor kitset when you purchase your shed, I can supply a Heavy Duty wooden floor, or it can go onto a new or existing concreted area. I prefer not to put sheds onto pallets or other unstable surfaces as often the shed strength and integrity suffers.

Why do I get charged extra for supplying my own timber for a floor?

If you supply timber for your floor there is an extra charge for me to cut the timber to the correct length, as well as the floor assembly charge.

How do I get my shed to be watertight?

Your shed will be watertight if you get an appropriate floor that fits the shed. This could be timber or concrete.

Can you take my old shed down and dispose of it?

Yes, I can. A charge will apply for this service. I only provide this service when I’m assembling a new shed, and the price is conditional on me viewing the shed and site.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes I do! I will come back to site if there is an issue with anything I have assembled. I do not guarantee my work if I assemble a shed without an appropriate floor and the shed blows away or leaks under the bottom.

Why do you charge for optional extras?

Most optional extras require extra time to assemble. The price for the shed and floor assembly is the basic price as not every shed has optional extras.

I am not sure of what type of shed I want. Can you help?

Yes I can. I can arrange a site visit to come to and measure up and advise the best solution for your site, and point you in the right direction for an appropriate shed supplier.

Do you sell sheds?

Yes, I Can supply the full range of Galaxy Sheds and the Storetech sheds.

Do you assemble other sheds that do not appear on your website?

Please contact me to discuss. I support the sheds that are on my website, but there are some that I do not assemble due to quality issues.

Why do I have to pay for a site visit?

Site visits are a service I provide, however, there is a cost associated with the travel to site.

Do I need a permit?

Sheds under 10m2 do not need a permit as long as they are their own height away from boundaries and other buildings. If you are in doubt as to where to position your shed and have concerns then please check with your council. I take no responsibility for this, I build the shed where instructed and it is the responsibility of the shed owner to ensure the shed is legally sited.